“Interaction design, often abbreviated as IxD, is “the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.” — Alan Cooper

Interaction design / IxD involves designing technical products according to the human behavior. User centered design is its core, and by following the same principles, we can create products…

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PWAs are not apps in the same way that traditional mobile apps are; but instead, they are applications that run on a browser yet function like a desktop or mobile application. Google was the original pioneer of the PWAs.

How to Design for PWAs

Designing a PWA requires a specific mindset: Forget everything you know…

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Because UX is all about the quality of the content, the primary focus of any design must be about delivering valuable content to the audiences and users.

You must’ve heard about content-first design many times throughout your design journey. Whether a project already exists and needs reconfiguring, or is in…

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Branding is a hot topic in design industry. When it comes to branding, design doesn’t always work in a linear way. We as designers might have to step in at various stages of platform design. They include:

  • Designing the whole platform

Designing from the beginning to the high-fidelity screens, to…

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As the saying goes “ the best defense is a good offense”. Nothing can be more deflating than your client is unsatisfied with what you come up with. It not only hits your ego, but also affects your time. While supporting your client’s needs and wants, you should find ways…

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Ideation is a common term in design that is just describing the process of brainstorming concepts, ideas and solutions. As a concept, it’s a little difficult to define it from an academic perspective. After all, it all comes down to — how do we learn to think more creatively?


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“Lean UX is used to break stalemates between the speed of Agile and the need for design in the product-development lifecycle. Our goal is not to create a deliverable, it’s to change something in the world — to create an outcome.” — Jeff Gothelf (Author of Lean U)

A Brief Description of Lean UX and Agile Methodology

Agile usually…

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As we all know, designers are responsible for building empathy for users and meeting where they’re at when it comes to inclusive and accessible design. Accessibility is a vast subject that often gets boiled down to a simple set of requirements that designers go through the motion to follow as…

Each designer will have their own unique working strategies. After becoming a designer, I’ve also created my own path. Below are some of the best practices I wanted to share with you all.

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Set deadline

The deadline helps you to keep yourself disciplined. This is especially true if you’re a natural procrastinator…

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High-fidelity prototypes are realistic representations of the final product, and they tend to be very time-intensive to produce. These kinds of prototypes utilize the actual visual design and attempt to replicate the behavior of the final product as closely as possible.

If you’re a designer who is not a huge…

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